Bundling Package Ijen Crater Tour and Lodging in Backpacker Ijen Crater Homestay and Dormitory Banyuwangi

Bundling Package Ijen Crater Tour and Lodging in Backpacker Ijen Crater Homestay and Dormitory Banyuwangi

Bundling Package Ijen Crater Tour and Lodging in Backpacker Ijen Crater Homestay and Dormitory Banyuwangi

Dormitory tourism Banyuwangi can become the best option for backpackers heading to Ijen Crater. Not only that it offers affordable price, dormitory tourism Banyuwangi is also one of the new trend in travelling among the youths. The growth in tourism brings accommodation like dormitory and homestay to be the new alternative for many people since it may reduce the cost and enable the tourists to find more friends.

One of the best dormitory in Banyuwangi Regency is Backpacker Kawah Ijen Homestay and Dormitory. Dormitory in Banyuwangi provides some advantages for backpackers travelling to Ijen Crater, namely that it offers Backpakcer Ijen Crater bundling package. The package offers you comfortable lodging as well as organizing your tour to the mountain with the blue fire phenomenon.

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Enjoy your room in Backpacker Kawah Ijen Homestay and Dormitory

Backpakcer Ijen Crater bundling package is a good option because it has an affordable price. It costs for 250.000 rupiah for local tourist, and 350.000 rupiah or less than 25 USD for foreign tourist during the weekdays and 400.000 rupiah or less than 28 USD on weekend.

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Backpacker Kawah Ijen Homestay and Dormitory is a strategic homestay because it is located in the downtown, namely on Jalan K.H. Agus Salim No. 3A, Kelurahan Sobo, Banyuwangi. Dormitory tourism Banyuwangi is also near to Banyuwangi gift shops, street food area, department stores, ATM and government offices. This Banyuwangi hostel is also just 10 minutes away from bus station, train station, and around 30 minutes away from airport.

Backpacking tour to Ijen Crater is the best option, not only that it is cheaper with the bundling package, dormitory tourism Banyuwangi offers you an unforgettable lodging experience. Such as enabling the visitors to find roommates coming from regions in Indonesia or all around the world. Homestay in Banyuwangi also serve you with friendly and cooperative crews.

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Backpacker Kawah Ijen Homestay and Dormitory’s bunk bed

Backpacker Kawah Ijen Homestay and Dormitory Banyuwangi is a one stop tourism service that provides cheap hostel, car rental, and the coziest restaurant and café. With architecture dominated with bamboo and wood, it gives you a comfortable and a feel-like-home place. Visitors can also find lazy chairs under the shade of the trees, or enjoy the green landscape of dragon fruit and papaya garden on the second floor.

Banyuwangi homestay is completed with wifi access, electric fan, bathrooms (separated from bedroom) with shower and both squat and sit toilet. The visitors of Backpacker Kawah Ijen Homestay and Dormitory can also enjoy bread and jam for breakfast for free, accompanied with tropical fruits like banana, orange, sapodilla, watermelon, honeydew melon, papaya, salak, or dragon fruit, and hot coffee and tea in the morning.

Banyuwangi backpacker hostel also provides additional facility like hair dryer and clothes iron in case the visitors need them. The visitors can also rent a towel for 5000 rupiah or less than one USD.

In terms with Ijen Crater Banyuwangi trip, open trip Ijen Crater starts the trip from the hostel before midnight, and back to the hostel around 9 a.m. along with other visitors. Facilities like transportation, admission to Ijen Crater, guide, gas mask, and mineral water, have been included all in the Backpacker Ijen Crater Bundling Package.

So, what stops you now to book a bundling package of Backpacker Ijen Crater in Backpacker Ijen Crater Homestay and Dormitory Banyuwangi, and go get an exciting lodging experience, explore Ijen Crater, and have the journey to a city called Sunrise of Java on the east-end of the East Java.

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